Sunday, September 20, 2009

Come On-a My House: Kitchen and Entertaining

I love to think about what I will have in my house when I finally get to decorate such a place. I warn you though, I have frivolous tastes -- I don't do minimalism. More is More, Faux-Baroque, Rococo is delightful. I saw this place with black walls and black floors and black carpets and chairs, working so hard to be chic, and it just looked so affected to me -- not edgy. If you are going to be affected you might as well be balls-out about it. That is where I come from, anyway.

1. Druggist jars by Jonathan Adler ($65 at Charles and Marie) -- flour sugar oats for the countertop

2. Blaue Blume tea set by Tina Tsang (cup, creamer $59 each, teapot $128, dessert stand $249 at supermarkethq) -- sweet and creepy. I have been lemming this tea set for several years. I am obsessed with serving tea, it's such a WASP-y hostess kind of activity that it makes me feel like a Stepford wife. These teacups might throw some guests for a loop...

3. Billie candle holders by Jean Pelle ($40 at supermarkethq) -- these would look lovely clustered on the dining room table, or perhaps a cluster beside each place setting..

4. Skull hand towels by Kathy Steig ($20 at shanalogic) -- for the teenage girl lurking inside me... these would be nice in a guest bathroom or as hand towels in the kitchen.

More next time...

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