Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sirens: new Agent Provocateur Collection is out

actually it's been out for a while. It was so boring that I almost didn't want to write about it.
I was really impressed with the Witches collection -- it was fantastic -- and the Pirates collection also had some very nice pieces. The Virgins collection was a bit of a letdown, although the lovely expanded bridal collection (Brides of Odysseus) almost made up for it. But the new Sirens collection is not really very seductive to me. Yes, it's spring going into summer, and that means a lighter, more playful tone -- but there are ways to make that sexy, and then there's... most of this.

My favourite line from the collection (besides the return of the Dita Playsuit, which I loooove) is Mae. The shape of this bra is very flattering to smaller busts:

and while normally I'm against the whole existence of yellow, it's brave of AP to do an entire line in goldenrod (Jodie):

But most of this collection is stuff AP has done a million times before, and what is new, isn't necessarily fresh. Kathleen is tough to wear, and runs dangerously close to looking cheap; Denise is pretty enough, but we see something like this in almost every AP collection. On the whole, I'm not excited.

Fortunately, my local AP still has this set in stock from January:

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