Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Want List: Eccentricity

4 Things I am obsessing over:

1. Cupcake dress -- I actually own one cupcake dress already (courtesy of Betsey Johnson, mistress of cupcake-dom) but ruffles are addictive! The features of the cupcake dress are a slim bodice and cinched waist with a flared, ruffled, or otherwise voluminous and embellished skirt. There are some beautiful ones on ebay at the moment...
2. Leopard print bag -- I LOVE leopard print! I owned one glorious leopard-print satchel when I was fourteen, and literally wore it until it broke (irreparably, in three places). Now there are some on sale online that I am seriously coveting.
3. Caramel cardigan -- it's a good basic. Goes well with black (so, most of my wardrobe...) and travels to work and to conservative parties. Also can be used to tone down the effect of outre jewellery for meeting parents and other Very Important People.
4. Buckley belt -- have been on the lookout for a good huge, aggressive, buckley belt that fits for some time. Somehow none of them seem to look right on me...

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