Friday, May 8, 2009

I am coveting....

1. Space Jam pant from Insight, at NeedSupply [$59.99]
I like these slimline cotton pants because they look sharp and comfy at the same time. The unusual, slightly parachute-pants waistband was a bit off-putting at first, but I like how the legs are tailored, and it's easier to dress up a high-waist pant -- even when the waist is unconventional, like these.

2. Dapper Held Macbook Sleeve from Hard Graft [E89.99]
I love all of Hard Graft's collections, but the Dapper collection is my favourite. My macbook is my baby, and so I want to dress her up right. This bag makes the laptop look so secure, and sharp as well! Hard Graft also makes Moleskine cases, in which I am so very tempted to indulge...

3. Black Elastic Harness by Norwegian Wood [$45.00]
Kind of in love with these. They are like a sparer, vaguely S&M version of a vest, and I love vests. I can imagine this being super-sexy over any number of things, from a simple tee shirt to a more elaborate jersey dress, to even worn all by itself...

4. Jackalope Cards from Dandylion Press [$4.00]
I love Jackalopes -- I'm not sure why, it's just a thing. And I love sending note-cards, and paper goods of all times. They are a personal touch in an impersonal world, and they are so much more tangible than email! I am holding myself off from another stationary binge, but once I run out of my current notecards these are coming home to me.

5. Nabisco Pinwheels (image from crumbs! on flickr)
om nom nom.

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