Monday, May 4, 2009

The Want List: settling in for summer...

Things I am seeking right now:

1. Full summer skirt -- something I can pull on in the morning with a tee and a pair of flats, and still look cute. Or at least acceptable. A full skirt shows off one's shape to best advantage, and always looks more 'dressed' than a slimline skirt in my view -- generally speaking, a fuller shape goes more places. Plus, flowy skirts are more comfortable in warm weather...
2. Floppy sun hat -- I don't tan, I crispy-fry. Sunscreen or not. I'm not a hat person, but I need to keep the sun off my skin.
3. Crisp jabot shirt -- not something with a little wee pussy bow, a dramatic neckline with a bit of oomph. These look lovely underneath vests, and I love my collection of vests!
4. Slip-on flats -- have worn my current pair to death! I am especially in love with the Acne Position ballet flat, which looks like a pair of pointe shoes.

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